WWE Network is one foremost streaming support and digital TV interface that is directed by an united communications company WWE. This is one of the favorite channels for our sports fans, and this WWE network channel is available on the Roku channel store.

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wwe network on roku

What is the WWE Network?

The WWE Network is an online video streaming service where you can watch all the WWE pay per view shows at no extra cost, including 1000s of hours of video on demand. Moreover, this network is available on various devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc. And most importantly, you will need a WWE account to stream and watch all your favorite shows.

It is one 24 X 7 streaming network with all WWE pay per view live that includes wrestle mania. If you are a subscriber, you can have the immediate permission to this and large on demand library; if not, begin the free trial via WWE.com.

WWE Network on Roku

  1. Firstly, wwe network on roku offers its users and subscriber with limitless access to contents like:
    • All WWE, WCW, and ECW pay per view in history.
    • Full live WWE paper per view that includes Wrestle Mania.
    • It also provides 1000s of hours of on-demand videos.
    • Moreover, you can also watch groundbreaking original series like reality shows and documentaries.
    • You can also watch the replays of your favorite episodes of Raw and Smack Downs.
    • And then you can watch the premium inner ring events like the NXT and 205 live.
  1. Secondly, to watch no cost content, you have to build your WWE account by providing the email address and a secure password.
  2. After that, it will give you an option to begin a one month free trial.
  3. And the Roku account will be charged with $9.99/ month after the free month if you don’t unsubscribe.
  4. Finally, create your account, get wwe network on roku and enjoy the offers above.

Devices that are compatible with WWE network

You can find the following devices as compatible to stream WWE network:

  • Xbox One
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Apple TV
  • Roku streaming players
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android
  • Sony
  • iOS
  • Android
  • LG

The WWE network is available on all the above device with different plans where you can get you WWE account and choose your plan and then download the WWE network.

How to create a WWE Network account?

Proceed with the steps beneath to build the WWE network account:

  • Firstly, you have to reach the WWE sign up site using a web browser.
  • After that, click the Join Now button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Secondly, click the Get started option.
  • Moreover, you must provide a valid email address in to the text box.
  • Further, create a unique password for your account using all the specified characters.
  • Make sure that you make the necessary subscription to get your account.
  • Next, accept and agree to the terms and conditions avail in there.
  • Finally, click the Submit to create your WWE account.
  • Now, you can log in to this and can watch all your favorite smack downs.

Features of WWE network

Following are the distinctive feature of the WWE Network: 

  • At first, ever live WWE pay per view that can include Wrestle Mania, etc.
  • After that, there are 1000s of on-demand video for live comes with the subscription.
  • Moreover, this app shall give you immediate access to all your favorite super stars and legends.
  • You can also view Superstar profiles for a quick look and broader career milestones, biographies, and more.

How to download WWE Network on Roku?

The instructions below can help you to download WWE network on Roku streaming devices:

  • At first, you must push the Roku home button to get the Roku home screen.
  • After that, scroll to the left side of the screen to get in to the streaming channels.
  • Reach the Sports section on the Roku channel store to download the app.
  • Next, scroll up and down, left and right to find wwe network on roku.
  • If you cannot find it over there, then reach the search bar of the Roku channel store.
  • Secondly, input the name of the channel app in there and wait for the results.
  • Moreover, choose the WWE network and select the Add channel option.
  • Press the OK button to download the channel on your Roku device.
  • Similarly, return to the Roku home screen and check for the channel installation.
  • On the other hand, access the wwe network on roku and look for your favorite content.
  • The Roku streaming device is ready to stream all your favorite content.
  • You can also login to your WWE Network accounts for more content.
  • Finally, enjoy streaming the repeated smack downs available there.
  • Make sure you can also save all your favorite content in your library.


The first-month membership for the WWE Network account is free, and you can also cancel at any time. This channel app is available on numerous devices, and subscription charges can be $ 9.99 per month. This is one 24/7 streaming channel where you can find replays of all your favorite events. And it is designed for a sports fan you can watch this all day and at any time. You can also enjoy the limitless options that are available under this channel like documentaries, reality shows, demanding videos and access to the favorite legend biographies

Do you have any doubts regarding the wwe network on roku, or would you like to get more information about the installation process of the WWE Network, then contact our specialized expert squad.

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