TBN Networks

  • TBN Networks TV proffers both a live stream as well as On-demand programming.
  • Firstly, it consists of free inspirational Christian programming for all the ages that can include 8 live TV channels, movies, archived shows and special on demand
  • Moreover, it is a 24×7 channels that include for kids and teens as well as Spanish, Farsi and Arabic Language speakers
  • Similarly, TBN proffers free, family-friendly Christian programming for all ages that provides for 11 live streaming TV channels
  • Secondly, this channel also consists of inspirational messages with movies, specials, variety and documentary type on demand
  • You can download and activate TBN Network via watch.tbn.tv/activate Roku

watch.tbn.tv/activate Roku

More about TBN channel 

  • After that, the current live streaming network lineup can include the HILLSONG Channel, the Australian, depending on the TV network
  • And this is called as the leader in worship, music, ministry, and lifestyle programming and can rank as the most favorite of the youth
  • Thirdly, TBN’s channel can also include programs for kids on our smile network, JUICE for teens and ENLACE for adults
  • On the other hand, our Italian language network and the amazing TBN UK network from Across the Pond
  • Install TBN Network from the Roku channel store and initialize it through watch.tbn.tv/activate Roku

TBN channel shows 

  1. Praise
  2. Perry Stone: Prophecies Concealed, Now Revealed
  3. Greag Laurie TV
  4. John Gray World
  5. Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook
  6. Ed Young TV
  7. Leading the Way with Michael Youssef
  8. Live with Passion with Father Cedric
  9. Tony Evans
  10. Steven Furtick
  11. Touching Lives with James Merritt
  12. Kingdom Connection with Jentenzen Franklin
  13. Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
  14. Pathway to Victory
  15. Winning Walk with Ed Young
  16. Joseph Prince
  17. Ron Carpenter
  18. Allen Jackson Ministries
  19. In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
  20. Power Point with Jack Graham
  21. It is written with John Bradshaw
  22. Ed Young TV
  23. Bethel Presents Heaven to Earth
  24. Daniel Kolenda
  25. Hagee Ministries
  26. The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck
  27. Gregory Dickow: Power to Change Today
  28. Creflo Dollar
  29. Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook
  30. The Potters Touch with T.D Jakes
  31. Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
  32. The Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Kirt Schneider
  33. Huckabee
  34. Watch all these shows by downloading and installing the channel on Roku and activate it via watch tv/activate roku

Supported streaming devices 

  1. Roku Streaming device
  2. Apple TV
  3. Amazon Fire TV
  4. Google Chromecast

Live Broadcasting networks 

  1. Enlace Juvenil
  2. TBN Enlace USA
  3. JUCE TV
  4. TBN
  5. The Church channel
  6. Smile of a child
  7. TBN Nejat TV
  8. The Al-Horreya Channel

Categories of on-demand contents 

  1. Recent
  2. Programs
  3. People
  4. Networks
  5. Faith Issues
  6. Movies
  7. Praise the Lord
  8. Behind the Scenes

How to add TBN channel on Roku?

  • Firstly, you need to press the Roku home button on the remote to access Roku home screen
  • Next, scroll to the left and choose Streaming services
  • After that, go to the Roku channel store to start with the downloading process
  • In the search bar of the Roku channel store, enter the name of the channel as TBN and wait for the result
  • Moreover, choose TBN channel from the result and check for the payment details
  • If there is no payment required, then choose to add the channel
  • Secondly, select the Add channel option to download the channel from the Roku channel store
  • Finally, the channel gets downloaded and start with the activation process via watch.tbn.tv/activate Roku

How to activate TBN Channel on Roku streaming device via watch.tbn.tv/activate roku?

  • At first, to start with the activation process via watch.tbn.tv/activate Rokuyou need to access the channel app
  • Similarly, open the TBN channel app to get the channel activation code
  • The channel activation code will now appear on the Roku TV screen
  • Next, carefully note this code and open a new web page on the computer that has the same network access as Roku
  • Enter watch.tbn.tv/activate Roku in the address bar and reach the main page by clicking Go
  • In the watch.tbn.tv/activate Rokuprovide the activation code in the given box
  • Check twice before clicking the Submit button, and make sure the alphanumeric code is correct
  • Finally, click the Activate button and start with the channel activation process
  • This can take a long time and then the channel gets added to the Roku channel list
  • After some time, check for the channel in the Roku channel list by accessing the Roku account

To get more information and clarification regarding watch.tbn.tv/activate Rokucontact our technical expert team for their guidance or visit Roku.com/link activation

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