Terms & Conditions

Please go through our terms and conditions before accessing the contents on our website. Please, stick to the terms and conditions of our website throughout your visit.


Please stick to the instructions on our website and follow it completely. Make sure you accept all our policies related to service usage and plan orders.

Plan Orders And Service Plan

You can avail of the plan orders and service plans available on our website. You will also get a confirmation message through e-mail once we confirm the plan orders.

To Submit The Plan Orders, Service Plans

You can use the toll-free number or the e-mail services provided by us to submit your plan orders and service plans. After you provide all the necessary information, your plan orders and service plans will be active.

Privacy Policy

  • This section deals with how we collect, use, and transfer your data and also how we secure the information.
  • No data of the user will be disclosed or published without proper permission from the users, as we keep our data secured and confidential.
  • We collect data that also includes Name, E-mail address, phone number, birth-date, age, and also IP address.

User Responsibility

  • In no way, we are not responsible for any loss or misuse of confidential information.
  • If you face any issues, please cooperate with our technical team to resolve all your issues.
  • Strictly use the service with a proper approval license.
  • Ensure that you maintain the confidentiality of the credentials that you use to sign-in.

Copyrights And Other License Restrictions

Do not copy, transfer broadcast any information or contents that are available on our website. There are rules and regulations to obtain the copyrights and trademarks to avoid the misinterpretation of data.

These restrictions include graphics, visuals, audio contents, and also texts that are available on our website.

Our copyrights are only for business operations.

Purpose Of Collecting The Information From The Users

We strictly use the data or information from the users to create an account, to proceed with transactions, and to keep the integrity of our services secured for our customers.

Third-Party Services

  • We are not liable for the services offered by third-party services. If you need more information about a particular topic, contact the corresponding organization directly.
  • Also, we don’t take any responsibility for any of the contents, information displayed on third-party websites.


In case of any friction or issues between the customers and the website, we have incorporated severe laws and is monitored by the respective organizations and judicial authorities.

Limitation Of Liability

We are not responsible for any of the damage that emerges directly or indirectly when you use our website. We also don’t encourage any claims in the future.


We recommend you to maintain proper conduct and restrict any action that can be aggressive, unlawful. We follow severe laws to prevent any misinterpretation. We will strictly penalize any illegal action.


The term materials refer to the documents, white papers, press releases, datasheets, user manuals, and also design information about the product.

Miscellaneous Information

In case of any false information, we will consider the intention of the users concerning the event.

Termination Of The Service

We hold all the rights to discard the users who misuse our services and the information we provide on our website. We also have the right to end or discontinue any service if not required.

Legal Bond Between The Website And The Users

Terms and conditions can be considered as a legal bond between the website and users.

We have put together a team of experts to help you provide more information and also any updates on the changes.

Please contact our customer support team to get more information regarding our privacy policies and also about the terms and conditions.