Terms and Conditions

Strictly adhere to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies, if you would like to access our service. We always focus to offer timely support to customers who reach us

If you are a Roku device user or would like to purchase Roku gadget, visit our website portal my-rokcomlink.com. Accept the Terms and conditions and Privacy policies to proceed

Let us provide few updates here, if you would like to visit our webpage or would like to activate our services

Suggest users to accept the Terms and Conditions and other license agreement to proceed

What are the rules and regulations that we follow?

Regulations framed by the concerned judicial authorities are followed to prevent copyright issues and misuse

Users who involve in such activities will be strictly penalized according to the rules and regulations


We maintain the data and other service-related information confidential and will never disclose it without any cause

No data will be handed over to judicial authorities without prior information

What are the services offered?

Let us provide few updates on our service that include device setup, activation, troubleshooting, channel activation and much more

Our vision

Focused to ensure timely support to customers who contact us as customer satisfaction is our vision

Reach out to our team of customer support for more updates

Plan orders and service plans

To activate our service or to complete the device setup, plan orders and service plans are required. Other documents collected include the product-related documents, error reports and much more

It’s the Privacy polices that plays the role to safeguard the data or information collected from the customers

Reservation of Rights

Our website authorities will have the rights to make changes to the Policies and services offered

These changes will be updated on our webpage


User responsibility

Safeguarding the personal or private data collected is important and it’s the responsibility of the users to maintain their personal and private data confidential


Our website authorities are not liable for misinterpretation and misuse.

Cancellation of service

You can cancel the service any time if not required and the chargeback policies play the role here.

For more updates on Terms and conditions, privacy policies, reach out our customer support at the earliest