Privacy Policy

It is mandatory for you to go through and accept our terms and conditions, privacy policy before you opt for any services offered by us. The privacy policy will shed more light on how we protect, transfer, and process the data which we collect from our users.

Intention Of Data Collection

We require information that can be regarded as personal to proceed with the creation of an account or completing the transaction or payment or for other technical aspects. Our collection of data is solely for this particular reason.

Personal Information

Some information like Name, e-mail address, credit card details is necessary to activate some of the services you want to opt for. Hence, for efficient usage of our services, we collect some of your personal information.

Payment Information

We collect data that includes credit card or PayPal details. It is for the users to keep all this information safe and secure.


Our website is not responsible for any loss or misuse of personal information. So severe laws will be put in practice to prevent the damage or threats associated with our website.


Use the cookies to download the documents from our website to know the website traffic and other details. It is also important to unblock the cookies, if you’ve blocked them previously, to access the information on our website.

Reports To Diagnose And Resolve Errors

We gather error reports from our users in case of any misuse or damage or threat.


We keep all the data secure and safe. No data or information will be disclosed without the prior consent of the users. We stick to confidentiality and to keep all the information safe.


We correspond to the information of the associated judicial authorities in case of any misuse, threat, damage, or misinterpretation of a person or entity. Also, any violation of the rules and regulations is punishable.

Location Access

We sometimes use the location information of the users to provide the appropriate service, activate or deactivate an account, cancel any transactions, etc.

User Responsibility

Any user must include the following things on their user responsibility.

  • To keep their corresponding credentials that are associated with the user account safe and secure.
  • Never disclose the personal information to any third party organization
  • Our website is not liable for any threats due to the usage of the service associated with our third-party website.

For more information regarding our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact our support team who are always happy to assist you.

For more information regarding our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact our support team who are always happy to assist you.