Privacy policies

Privacy policies being the most integral part of Terms and Conditions, it’s important to understand and follow the regulation

This policy explains how we collect the data from our customers and the documents collected

It’s hard to access our services if you do not accept the license agreement


What are the documents or information collected?

  • Personal information that includes the Name, Email ID and Password
  • Banking and Credit card information
  • Error reports that help to find the reason and cause of the issue
  • Plan orders and service plans
  • Location Information if  required

Error reports

These documents explain the reason and cause of the error

Plan orders and service plans

Required to activate or access our service and we will be collected through Email or chat services


How do we collect the required data from our customers?

Customers can share the data with our website authorities using email or phone services


  • Enable Cookies and you can track the website traffic. Suggest visiting the appropriate settings to enable cookies
  • These settings will  help to collect or download the required documents  from our webpage

Location information is often required

Banking and credit card information is required for billing, processing the payment


The documents that we collect are maintained confidential and will not be shared unless a requirement arise

The data or information shared will be with the prior consent of the customers

Copy right regulations

It’s not advisable to share the data or information to third party authorities or use the data or information for personal use

It’s the copyright regulation that plays the role here

Read and understand the privacy policies and these policies are available to read .Visit our webpage for more updates