Reason to connect the network to Roku

Roku streaming player streams the audio and video contents only with the access of the internet. If you face some errors while connecting the internet, then you may not be able to stream the contents on the Roku streaming player. Here is the guidance to resolve the issues and make the network connection work properly

What does Roku error code 016 mean?

If you are connecting the Roku to the internet to stream the content, the Roku device will perform some tests to ensure that the network is healthy and stable and confirms that there won’t rise any issue while streaming. As if the network tests fails the result will be the Roku error code 016

Roku Error Code 016

Circumstances which causes the Roku error code 016

  • Poor network connection
  • Wrong SSID and WEP passkey
  • Incompatible router settings
  • No network connection
  • Fluctuation in the network connection
  • Interruption in the signal strength

Errors occurring while processing the Roku wireless setup

  • The WI-FI password may be incorrect or may be entered on some other router’s name
  • If the Roku device may not be able to connect to the internet as if the network strength may be inadequate or slow

Steps to check the connectivity status

If you face the errors, then you need to process for two tests on your Roku device to check that why Roku stopped connecting to wifi.

Test 1

Navigate to the settings and tap on the network option. Choose the check connection and make sure that your home network is working good. By this, you can also check the quality and strength of your router. By this, you can get the proper status of your home network

Test 2

Connect some other devices like mobile or computer to your home network and check whether the issue even persists on different devices. If the network is inadequate even on some other devices, then the issue is with your router’s signal strength

Error code 016 Roku resolving steps

don’t get worried and panic if your Roku won’t connect to wireless network, here are the steps to resolve the issues

Step 1

On the setting on your Roku device, make sure you make the connection with your router. So make sure that you get the knowledge about your home network.

Step 2

It is mandatory to know about the WEP passkey of your router. As this is needed to establish the network to your router. So always check that you have entered the correct password with correct numeric and alphabets to configure the network to the Roku

Step 3

It is always good to ensure the connectivity strength and the status of connectivity. So better connect the router to some other device and check the signal strength of the Roku.

Step 4

Make sure that there is no restriction between the router and the Roku device. This may cause the signal weakness while connecting the network. So always place the router nearby the device or ensure that the Roku is not located far away from the Roku.

Step 5

If all the steps are not working on your router, then you need to process the final step, restarting the Roku and restarting the router. If all the settings on the router and the Roku fail and did not get the solution for the Roku error code 016 finally process the Roku restarting process

Restart your Roku device

To restart your Roku device, on the Settings option, choose the system. Then pick the system restart option from the given list, wait for some time until your Roku device completes the restarting steps.

Restarting your router

Depending upon your router model, the user guide of your router will provide the steps to restart the router. Read the steps correctly and restart your router.

Solution for the Roku error code 016

After processing the restart option, your Roku device must reconnect automatically. If this is not happening, process the steps for connecting the network to the Roku.


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