Features of the HBO NOW channel

HBO NOW channel is one of the best streaming subscription channels available in the US. There you can stream the shows like the original TV shows, sports events, and the films, documentaries, etc. As a new addition, you can get the game of thrones season 8 series on the HBO NOW channel. If you are the new user of the HBO NOW channel, you can get the seven days of the free trial on the HBO NOW channel.

Categories available on HBO NOW

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Family
  • Horror science fiction
  • Latino
  • On-demand
  • Romance
  • Suspense thriller
  • Latest releases
  • Classic blockbusters
  • Trending series


TV providers that support HBO NOW channel

  • Comcast infinity
  • Charter
  • Dish
  • Time warner cable
  • Optimum
  • ATT U-Verse
  • Bright house networks
  • Verizon Fios
  • DirecTV

Compatible devices to watch HBO NOW

  • Apple tv
  • Roku device
  • Amazon device
  • Xbox one
  • Playstation one
  • HBO NOW site
  • Ios device
  • Android device
  • Android tv

Steps to get HBO NOW on Roku

  • Turn on the Roku device
  • Connect the Roku device and the tv via the HDMI cable
  • Then set the display to the Roku device and pair the Roku device to the Roku remote
  • Now you need to open the settings and choose the network option
  • Once you pick the wireless option on the network
  • Then allow the device to check the available network on the surroundings
  • As soon as you to get the router name on the screen
  • Enter the password of the network and connect the device to the network
  • After this sign in the Roku account to the Roku device
  • Finally, after this, you need to check for the software update on the Roku device

Activate HBO NOW on Roku

  • You need to surf to the Roku channel store and then search HBO now on Roku
  • After getting the HBO NOW channel search result, you need to open the channel result and tap on the add channel option
  • Process the steps to download and install the channel
  • After the installation open the HBO NOW channel app
  • Choose the sign-in option
  • Once this process gets over you will receive the channel activation code on the site
  • Note the code and enter the code on the hbonow.com/tvcode site
  • You need to link the channel app and the channel account
  • Only after this, it is possible to stream the content on the HBO NOW channel

Payment methods to activate HBO NOW

  • You can get the seven days free trial on this channel if you are new customer of the HBO NOW channel
  • Then after the seven days, you need to complete the payment steps
  • The monthly package is the $14.99 for per month
  • You need to provide the card details and then complete the payment steps
  • For this, you need to open the hbonow.com/tvcode site
  • And then enter the credentials and process the payment steps
  • To link the account and the channel app you need to sign in to the channel account

HBO NOW app on mobile devices

  • Now it is possible to get the HBO NOW mobile app on the mobile devices
  • It is possible to get the all the shows and series available on the HBO NOW channel
  • You need to install the HBO NOW channel on the mobile device
  • If you need to get the channel on the ios device, you can download and install it from the Apple app store
  • Then on the android device, you can get the channel via the google play store
  • On this mobile app, you can get all the existing features of the HBO NOW channel
  • But for this, you need to provide the account credentials, and after this, you can start to stream all your favorite content on the HBO NOW channel.
  • You can get the favorite news, smart talk shows, series on the smartphones

Troubleshooting in activating the channel

  • If you could not be able to get the code while you process the channel activation page
  • You need to check that there is an issue on the network
  • As the poor network can cause the troubleshooting issue in getting the code
  • As soon as you get the HBO NOW channel activation code, you need to process the steps for the activation immediately
  • Or else you might face the troubleshooting issue
  • The code may get expired and becomes invalid as this may also cause the issue in getting the HBO NOW on Roku channel
  • After the activation of the one week if you could not get the channel streaming, then this means that the free trial might be got over
  • Once the free trial of the seven days gets over you, need to process the steps for the payment steps to get the channel

For more details on the hbonow.com/tvcode, get in touch with our expert team, and resolve the issues.

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