If you are the regular user of the Roku, then you need to know how much important is the software update. Generally, Roku players are designed to load the latest software to the device.  The software update is necessary to keep your device up to date by adding the extra features and also to keep the device out of the troubleshooting issues. If you skip the Go.Roku.com/softwareupdate steps, you will be getting the troubleshooting issue while the device is functioning. The software update is the mandatory step to the Roku streaming player. Once in the 24-36 hours the power on the Roku player search for the software update and download it without interrupting your use


During the first time, set up how to update the software?

  • To make the first time software update, you need to connect the network to the Roku device
  • For the network connection, navigate to the settings option
  • On the settings, option enter to the wireless set up
  • It is always better to use the wireless option than the wired network
  • After connecting the network to the system, you will get the software update message on the screen
  • The device automatically functions with the software update steps
  • Finally, after the update, the system will restart

How to check that there is a software update manually?

There are two main reasons to check if there is an update manually

  1. If you are not using the Roku player for a long time
  2. It may be needed if you have installed the non-certified channels

Steps to check manually whether there is any update

  • Navigate to the home page by pressing the home button on the Roku remote
  • Then move to the settings option
  • On the settings choose the system option
  • Then proceed with the system update step
  • On the screen, you will get the latest software on the list
  • Choose the software by the time and date
  • After completing these steps, your device will restart and update

Issues created if there is an error while go.roku.com/softwareupdate

If you could not be able to go.roku.com/softwareupdate and you find the error message on the screen. if this persists, you can find the error code 001,002,003 or 005 on the bottom of the message

Steps to follow to be followed to make the go.roku.com/softwareupdate successfully

  • It would be best if you connected the Roku to the correct home network, make sure that you entered the right network and correct WEP to the SSID
  • Connect your router to some other device like mobile or the computer to check that the router is working
  • Ensure that the router has a secure wireless network connection
  • Make sure that there is no interruption between the router and the device
  • If the issue persists, you need to restart the Roku device as well as your router
  • To reset the Roku, navigate to the settings and select the system restart on the system option
  • Read the router’s manual and proceed the steps for the restart

Roku Error codes

Error code 001

One of the main reasons for this error code is the improper network connection.to resolve it you need to ultimately make the steps to connect the healthy network to the Roku

Error code 002

It happens if there is a low signal in the network and also while there is the issue on updating the software.

Error code 003

This error happens if you have the old version of the software, and this error code appears if you try to update the new version of the software.

Error code 005

The interruption of the network issue while the software download can cause this error code 005

The Roku Error Code 009

At first, the Roku screen shows this error when the Roku has a problem accessing the network.

Moreover, the users can see the following kinds of notifications on the screen:

  • Not able to connect to wireless Network
  • Not connected to the internet
  • Roku error code 009

In other words, the device shows a connection with the wireless router but unable to access the network.

How To Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 009?

To fix this problem, users can use the below steps:

  • At first, link the Roku device to the WiFi network correctly.
  • After that, verify internet speed.
  • On the other hand, talk with the ISP for any internet-associated problems.
  • Finally, make sure to proceed with the Roku setup procedure.

Roku Error Code 011 and 014

  • Error 014 resembles Roku Error code 011; it shows the struggle the Roku does while linking to a WiFi network for getting updates.
  • The users get to see notifications like“Roku can’t connect to a local network error.”

These PROBLEMS rise when the Roku streaming device fails in updating its software.

Similarly, the reason for this failure because of no connectivity with the Roku Software Update Server.

How To Solve This Roku Error 011 And 014?

  • At first, the users must try to “Disable Network Pings.”
  • Make use of the Roku remote to disable the pinging option.
  • After that, verify any problems at the Roku server end; if it is down for some repair or maintenance, you have to keep calm.
  • On the other hand, check for the WiFi network; if it is accessing a fast network.
  • They attempt connecting Roku to the router direct via LAN cable instead of the WiFi option.
  • At last, use the “Secret Screen” option from the Roku remote to update software.

For further issues related to go.roku.com/softwareupdate, get in touch with our customer support team, and resolve the problems. Visit Roku.com/link for more info.

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