How to Get Coronavirus News on Roku?

What is all about the  Coronavirus News Channel on Roku?

As everyone knows that the world is facing a serious disaster these days. The US government has launched the official app on the COVID-19. This channel is launched for the use of the people to aware of the happenings and the loss of the people. So that people can be aware of and safeguard their family and fight against the coronavirus

Purpose of this coronavirus app

As the whole world is on the lockdown, people may not be aware of the happenings all around the world related to the coronavirus. So this US’s CDS and white house, health and human services, and FEMA have created this channel for free on Roku. By this, you can get the news up to the date of the health news and the coronavirus details. You can also see the updates and the new information regarding the coronavirus on on Roku.

Additionally, you can also get the videos and content to protect your self and your family against the coronavirus. This helps to make you aware of the do’s and don’t to maintain the health and to stop the coronavirus spreading.

On this channel, you can also get the live updates and the news section and the death reports and the sick reports. And if you are sick, you can also get guidance from the videos and limit the exposure to other people and also encourage you to seek medical help within a short period. on Roku

Steps to get the on Roku

Whatever channels you wish to activate on Roku, you need to process the steps for the Roku device activation

  • Firstly you need to hook up the Roku device via the power cables and turn on the Roku
  • Then connect the Roku and the tv via the HDMI cable
  • After turning on the Roku pair the Roku device and the Roku remote
  • Then process the steps for the Roku device activation steps
  • Once you pair the Roku remote, you can enter the language that you prefer and location to the device
  • Then set the display settings on the Roku
  • Navigate to the Roku settings and then choose the wireless network
  • Check that there is no software update
  • If there is the software update, then process the steps for the update
  • Now get the Roku link activation code and enter the code to the Roku site to activate the Roku device

Note: it is always good to check that there is any software update before making the channel activation to avoid the troubleshooting issue

Steps to activate the on Roku

  • Connect the Roku device and the Roku account
  • get the proper network to the Roku device to avoid the troubleshooting because of the poor network
  • Make sure that you link the Roku device and the Roku account to add the channels to the Roku
  • If yes, then navigate to the Roku channel hub and choose the news and notable option from the list
  • Or pick the featured section from the channel hub
  • On these two you can get the coronavirus Roku channel
  • You can also enjoy this channel even via the news zone to get the coronavirus Roku channel
  • After the activation start to stream the channel and safeguard your family and society against the coronavirus

For further related issues regarding on Roku, get in touch with our support team, and resolve the problems.

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